Our vision is a future where wildlife thrives in Minnesota and beyond.
Thank you for joining us.

This past year, we spent considerable time thinking about how our changing world impacts the work of the Minnesota Zoo.  Thankfully, because of generous support from the State of Minnesota and our members and donors, we were able to focus on our vision and plans for taking the Zoo in new directions well into the future.  At the same time, we continued to deliver exceptional environmental education and wildlife conservation programs while providing our guests with an outstanding guest experience.

I am pleased to report the State continued its strong investment in the Zoo.  We completed the fiscal year with strong financial results, and we are well positioned for the next biennium for which we received a 10% increase in our general fund appropriation.  We also received Legacy Amendment Funds for special programs and lottery funds for the mussel conservation project – an exciting partnership with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to restore native mussels to our rivers and streams to ensure a healthy ecosystem.

We want to acknowledge you and other Minnesotans who sent 85,800 emails to Governor Dayton and Minnesota Legislators, thanking them for their support this year.  Thank you!  It is that kind of positive action that makes a difference for our Zoo.

We also want to thank our generous donors.  We ended the year with the second largest annual fund in our history, raising $5,928,456.  The Minnesota Zoo Foundation also launched a $3.8 million Wells Fargo Family Farm Revitalization Campaign and received two lead gifts totaling $1 million.  And, we celebrated the most successful Beastly Ball in Zoo history.

Finally, our 2017 year-end results are strong because you visited our Zoo!  This past year we attracted more than 1.35 million visitors, and we now boast more than 43,452 member households.  While there are many reasons people visited our Zoo this past year, the seasonal exhibit Kangaroo Crossing was a blockbuster, and no wonder.  Guests were invited into the exhibit without barriers on an Australian walkabout with kangaroos, wallabies, and emus.

Many visitors also participated in the new Backstage with Kangaroos program where they came face-to-face with these bounding, long tailed animals and fed them breakfast, while others spent the night in tents overlooking the exhibit on Family Overnights.   Immersive educational experiences like these inspire our guests to develop a lifelong commitment to nature and wild animals - something we want all Minnesotans to enjoy.

That is why we launched Free to Explore, an initiative designed to attract ALL Minnesotans to the Minnesota Zoo regardless of their financial circumstances.  Since the inception of Free to Explore, the Zoo realized a 29% increase in the numbers of guests who visited the Zoo free of charge simply by showing their public assistance cards – from about 57,000 people in 2016 to nearly 83,000 guests in 2017.

Clearly, our achievements this past year demonstrate Minnesotans interest in wild animals, which inspires us to do more, do better in response to our changing world.  To ensure our continued success, we approved a Revised Strategic Plan that specifically addresses a number of critical changes in our world – from the many hours children spend connected to technology to the changing views of zoos and aquariums.

We developed a multi-year plan through 2028 (the Zoo’s 50th anniversary) that will revitalize the Zoo’s assets and exhibits and provide new immersive experiences and exhibits like Kangaroo CrossingIn addition, we began work on a Nature Plan that will take advantage of our 485-acre site and create more opportunities for people to get out and explore nature.  We will ensure that the Minnesota Zoo is not only a place to see wild animals but also a Gateway to Nature.  Further, our Nature Plan will allow the Zoo to reach increased demographics, build new partnerships, and add many new additional products to the Zoo’s expansive campus, resulting in a more sustainable business model.

We are proud of our 2017 accomplishments, and we thank you for making them possible.  As we consider our future and how we continue to respond to our changing world, we are as committed as ever to bring more people to the Minnesota Zoo, and in partnership with them, fulfill our vision: A future where wildlife thrives in Minnesota and beyond.  Thank you for joining us!


John Frawley

Director/President, Minnesota Zoo
President, Minnesota Zoo Foundation

Perhaps, no other animal in the world boasts as many names as the puma.  Also called a mountain lion, cougar, catamount, Florida panther, the puma has more than 80 names.  But, at the Minnesota Zoo we like to call our newest puma just one name: “Landslide.”  Orphaned and rescued from a landslide in the state of Washington, this adorable puma made his public debut at the Minnesota Zoo in 2017.  Our friends at the Oregon Zoo cared for him until he was ready to travel to Minnesota. 

Similar to our other rescued animals, including our brown and black bears, gray wolves, sea turtle, eagle, and more, Landslide is not only thriving but also serving as an ambassador for his species.  Remarkably, pumas have been in the Americas for hundreds of thousands of years.  While this animal is resilient, adaptable, fast, and strong, it sadly has not been able to survive human encroachment on its habitat.  Today, pumas in North America survive only in the western United States, Canada, and Mexico, with a small population in southern Florida and an occasional sighting in Minnesota.  Despite being pushed into smaller and smaller regions, the puma is listed as an animal of “least concern” of becoming extinct in the wild in the near future. 

Why? Because pumas adapt to live in many different ecosystems!  And, that is why Landslide has such a critical role to play.

Living today on the Medtronic Minnesota Trail, following months of veterinary care by Zoo staff, Landslide enchants guests with his playful behaviors and curiosity while he also helps tell the story of this vanishing “America’s lion.”

There are those who believe that the puma’s adaptability will ensure it does not disappear from the wild forever.  While pumas are not listed as endangered, this does not mean they are not in trouble; their populations are declining as habitats are destroyed or they are hunted or killed by motorists.  Landslide reminds us why no one can become complacent about protecting wild animals. 

We thank you for your generous gifts this past year to ensure that we are doing all we can to ensure pumas and animals survive in the wild forever.

Before they became sponsors of Seqium and Landslide, the Minnesota Zoo’s two rescued puma kittens, Becki Sanford and Joyce Huff bumped into each other often at Zoo events. In time, they became friends who share a passion for the Zoo and our world’s wildlife. And, each also sponsored elements on the Zoo’s Conservation Carousel.

Becki attended the Carousel ground breaking in 2013 and decided to sponsor the baby hippo and the Rocky Mountain panel, with a special dedication: “For the inner child in all of us.”

Joyce, who loves travel and will have visited 97 countries by the time she turns 70 next year, has a very special connection with one of her sponsored Carousel animals. “I visited Rwanda and Uganda,” she recalls, “and we hiked into an area where we could view a gorilla troop in the wild. A little gorilla ran up to me and put his arm around my leg. He was just like the baby gorilla on the Carousel,” she says. “It’s like it was meant to be.”

It is not surprising given their love for the Zoo’s animals, that Joyce and Becki would want to help support the arrival of Sequim and Landslide. As a photographer, Becki counts one of her best photos to be a close-up of one of the Zoo’s pumas. And, Joyce confesses, “I’ve had cats for years, and now Sequim and Landslide are my big cats at the Zoo.” It is this deep shared connection with animals and their generous gifts to the Minnesota Zoo Foundation that help our pumas receive the best possible care.

Joyce is a longtime south metro resident. A former teacher at an Apple Valley alternative high school, she relied on the Zoo’s trails as exercise grounds for her students when there was no gym on site. Even today, she says, “If I want to go walking, I go to the Zoo. When baby animals are born such as the tiger, I go every week and see how they grow and change. There’s always something to do at the Zoo, and it’s always fun,” she says.

Becki pursues her photography while she’s at the Zoo. She enjoys taking pictures of the prairie dogs because they remind her of the prairie dogs that first captivated her during a childhood vacation to the South Dakota Badlands. When she’s not visiting the Zoo, Becki volunteers at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, rides her horses, and works as a software engineer in Bloomington. She is always quick to point out: “I like the Minnesota Zoo because it’s geared towards animals, not people.”

We are grateful for our Puma Pair Becki Sanford and Joyce Huff. They are making a difference for the Zoo and its animals in so many ways. Thank you!


When children and people of all ages visit the Minnesota Zoo, they often fall in love with a particular animal.  The five-year old boy squeals with delight when he touches a piglet.  The teenage girl is enchanted by the antics of the puma kittens and curious about the power of Amur tigers.  The young family spends hours watching the wolves and bison, reminding them of their trips to Yellowstone National Park.

For Zoo Director John Frawley, these kinds of experiences are critical to the work of the Minnesota Zoo.  However, he questioned whether it was enough.  “I grew up in Minnesota and was the kid who left at dawn and returned at dusk after a day exploring the rivers, lakes, and forests surrounding my home.  I know it was those experiences that motivated me to work in a profession that is helping inspire Minnesotans to protect and save our natural world.  But today, I also know we need to do more and reach more people.”

So we asked ourselves: Can we do better?  How do we deliver experiences that change our guests’ attitudes towards wildlife and nature, and how do we inspire them to change their behaviors and actively join us in efforts to save wildlife? Just as important: How do we reach and attract those who may not be visiting our Zoo or might not have the confidence to be out in nature?   How does the Minnesota Zoo become the gateway to nature?

In 2017, the Minnesota Zoo established the Nature Task Force to help answer these questions. The purpose of the Nature Task Force was to develop a three-to-five year program and business plan.  We recognized we could not do it alone, so we asked conservation, education and community leaders to join us on this task force. 

 The Nature Task Force began meeting in winter 2017, and dug deep into development of the new Nature Plan that will complement the Zoo’s revised Strategic Plan.  It also supports and builds upon collaborations with a myriad of other organizations such as:

• Children and Nature Network
• Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
• Minnesota Department of Education
• Dakota County Department of Parks and Recreation
• Conservation Minnesota
• Dodge Nature Center
• Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys
• Boys and Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities
• Northern Star Council of Boy Scouts of America
• Wilderness Inquiry
• Voyagers Outward Bound School

Each of which had a representative serving on the Task Force.

While there’s still work to be done on finalizing and gaining approval on the plan, here is a preview of the kinds of experiences the Zoo hopes will build its guests’ confidence in exploring nature and continue their lifelong engagement in with the natural world:

  • Every Minnesota Zoo guest will enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Zoo as they walk along the Zoo’s new Minnesota Treetop Trail on the re-purposed monorail track.  With access points throughout the Zoo, Minnesota Treetop Trail gives guests opportunities to see nature from a completely new perspective, while encountering Zoo volunteers and naturalists who share stories and information about the plants and animals around them.

    As part of their biology class, groups of junior high school students spend the night at the Zoo’s Tent Camp in the back woods where students explore ponds and forests and discover the extraordinary world of nature at night. They identify nocturnal insects, listen for owls, and watch for lightning bugs and bats.

    In the midst of winter, Zoo families are able to strap on snowshoes or cross-country skis and explore new trails located throughout the Zoo and connected to Lebanon Hills Regional Park.  A Zoo naturalist joins them and talks about what happens to our natural world and its wild animals as the seasons change.  Half-way through their experience, they find a cabin where they retreat for hot cocoa and snacks in front of the huge stone hearth.

    Kids of all ages discover the thrill on the aerial challenge track, an elevated adventure of zip lines, challenge courses, and rock climbing that not only helps attract and keep kids outside but also helps increase their physical activity, improve emotional well-being, and build their confidence.

That might just be the confidence they need to paddle the Boundary Waters, kayak the Mississippi, or travel to Namibia to help save the desert black rhino.

In many ways, the work of the Nature Task Force is not new.  Your Zoo has been encouraging children to be active, explore, and have fun in nature for many years – at places such as the Splash Pad, Woodland Adventure, and Hanifl Family Wild Woods.  We have always encouraged children to get outdoors, be active, and connect with the natural world.  However, our work is to expand upon this strong foundation, collaborate with our partners, and ultimately help Minnesota celebrate citizens who are committed to saving wildlife because we’ve better connected them to nature.

The Nature Task Force and Zoo staff hope to have the Plan finalized and approved by the Boards in February 2018.

For millennia, they darted through grasses and pollinated purple coneflowers. Dakota skipper butterflies were once common across Minnesota’s prairies, but after losing 99% of their habitat, they nearly disappeared from Minnesota. Luckily, this quick orange butterfly now has a chance at a comeback because the Minnesota Zoo began the first ever reintroduction of the Dakota skipper back to Minnesota’s prairies in 2017! Even better, those reintroduced butterflies were observed mating again in the wild!

In June and July 2017, Minnesota Zoo scientists released over 200 Zoo-reared Dakota skippers at the Hole-in-the-Mountain Prairie Preserve, a protected prairie managed by The Nature Conservancy near Lake Benton in southwest Minnesota. This landmark was achieved after four years of ground-breaking work by the Zoo’s Prairie Butterfly Conservation Program to establish the first and only conservation breeding program for Dakota skippers.

The story begins back in 2013 when the Zoo raised eggs from wild Dakota skippers that had been temporarily collected from and then released back into their relatively healthy populations in northeastern South Dakota. In 2014, the Zoo became the first institution to successfully rear and breed a complete generation of Dakota skippers entirely in human care.  This conservation breeding and insurance population has grown every year, and by 2017, hundreds were available for reintroduction.

Dakota skippers are listed as a Threatened species nationally and an Endangered species in Minnesota. The species had disappeared from southwest Minnesota in the late 2000s. Happily though, Minnesota Zoo scientists sighted dozens of reintroduced skippers at the Preserve through July 2017, and recorded at least three matings! We assume that even more breeding occurred than we saw – the Preserve is a big place and usually only one Zoo staff member could be there every day for the month-long reintroduction and monitoring effort.

Today, this small fuzzy butterfly has the chance to survive again in Minnesota’s prairies thanks to the reintroduction efforts of the Zoo and its partners at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and The Nature Conservancy.  The re-establishment of this lost butterfly to a large, healthy prairie it once called home is a first step to restoring this amazing landscape. The skippers depend on the deep rooted grasses that anchor fertile prairie soils, and the adults need native purple coneflowers for nectar and to find mates. Creating and maintaining high quality prairie habitat for Dakota skippers will also help other prairie wildlife like regal fritillaries, bobolinks, and prairie chickens.


Alan Krohnke believes that sometimes small steps can result in big changes for our world.  That is why his Minneapolis-based company Tiny Footprint Coffee is committed to reducing carbon in our atmosphere by helping plant native trees in the heavily-deforested Mindo Cloud Forest in Ecuador.

Over time, these newly planted trees will remove 54 pounds of carbon from the air every year! As important, this magical forest provides habitat for hundreds of bird species, reinforces soil conservation techniques, rebuilds water tables, and provides local jobs related to conservation and the protection of places like the cloud forest.

Tiny Footprint Coffee also supports the Minnesota Zoo’s Golden Lion Tamarin.  This beautiful golden hair primate is an endangered species living in Brazil’s Atlantic coastal rainforests that also are disappearing.  It’s the same story as the Mindo Cloud Forest where deforestation and the subsequent loss of critical animal habitat hinders natural processes, which help define where different animals and plants are able to thrive.

Alan and his team are committed to make a difference.  As the world’s first carbon negative coffee, Tiny Footprint Coffee sources only coffee beans that are sustainably-grown and organic certified.  The company is committed to making its entire roastery carbon negative.  Featuring high-efficiency lighting and fuel-efficient burners on the roaster, Tiny Footprint Coffee also composts all coffee grounds, reduces waste around the shop, and of course, uses only bio-degradable coffee bags.

The Minnesota Zoo is proud to partner with Tiny Footprint Coffee and bring greater awareness to the loss of critically-endangered natural habitat in South America. Alan and his team support reforestation and protection of the golden lion tamarin. Thank you Alan and Tiny Footprint Coffee!

It is a magical story that reminds us all of the interconnectedness of life and that when something dies, it gives new life to another.

This past year, the story was never more apparent than when the Minnesota Zoo said goodbye to its beloved 16-year old tiger Molniy and celebrated a new cub, Vera, born to Molniy’s daughter Sundari.  The circle of life continues, and while we mourn the passing of Molniy, the Zoo is thrilled to serve as home for Vera, an orange fur ball that has stolen the hearts of everyone who sees her.

“Vera is adorable, spunky, curious, playful, and inquisitive.  She is yet another tiger star at the Minnesota Zoo,” says Diana Weinhardt, Northern Trail curator.  “She has been a handful from day one.  Good thing she is so darn cute!”

Amur tigers like Vera are endangered in the wild, but are still considered a conservation success story.  By the 1930s, there were as few as 20-30 Amur tigers living in the Russian Far East, northern China, and the Korean peninsula.  But thankfully, Russia decided to do something about it – it granted the tiger full protection, and by the 1980s, there were approximately 500 tigers in the wild!  Since then, the population has remained stable in the wild, with  a similar number managed in zoo-based breeding programs.

“We still need to do more,” says Dr. Tara Harris, the Zoo’s vice president for conservation. “Poaching remains a major threat to wild Amur tigers. Zoos like ours have an incredible opportunity and responsibility to help, and I’m very proud that the Minnesota Zoo has been leading the charge to raise funds for on-the-ground efforts to secure a future for Amur tigers.

Will Vera ever get released into the wild?  Not likely, but she has no less of a critical role to play to ensure the survival of her species.  “Animals like Vera inspire our guests to help save wildlife.  She is endearing and charismatic, and even as she ages similar to Molniy, Vera will help tell the stories of animals at risk of extinction.  She will help fulfill our mission ‘to connect people, animals and the natural world to save wildlife,’” continues Dr. Harris.

In 2017, the Zoo continued to lead and raise funds for the Tiger Species Survival Plan’s (SSP) Tiger Conservation Campaign. Funds are earmarked for improving anti-poaching patrols in the Russian Far East and to close old logging roads in order to prevent poacher access.  Thank you Zoo donors for your gifts this past year!  Together with other zoos across the country, we have now raised more than $800,000 to help save wild tigers.

In the small farming community of Byron, Minnesota, the motto is “Where neighbors become family.”  It is here that Carmen and Jim Campbell grew up, attended school together, and married.  They then moved to the Twin Cities where Carmen taught kindergarten for 11 years, while Jim achieved a successful career in banking, eventually becoming the Chairman and CEO of Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota. 

Despite an extraordinarily full life with their family and careers, Carmen and Jim made it a priority to support their community with volunteer time and philanthropic support. The couple recently received the 2017 Outstanding Individual Philanthropist award, bestowed by the Association of Fundraising Professionals for, among other things, “… improving the lives of many people in many ways.” 

Although the Campbells count many education and child-related causes among their philanthropic priorities, they continue to embrace their rural roots. One of their signature achievements is the Minnesota Zoo’s Wells Fargo Family Farm. In partnership with Wells Fargo, Jim became a driving force behind the Farm’s opening in 2000. He noted prior to the merger of Norwest Bank with Wells Fargo that “agriculture was the bedrock of who we were as a bank.”

Carmen and Jim have remained strong Zoo supporters for over 30 years. Carmen currently serves as a member of the Zoo Board of Trustees and notes that “the exhibits are world-class, and they keep getting better and better.” But, their hearts still belong to the Farm and today, 18 years after helping to build it, these generous donors are leading the campaign to refresh and expand the Wells Fargo Family Farm. Plans include a new entrance and the construction of a bunkhouse for overnight stays so guests can “experience life on the farm.”

The Campbells also are looking forward to new projects that will encourage visitors to explore the Zoo’s forests and connect people of all ages with nature. The couple is especially intrigued about plans to convert the former monorail to an elevated walking trail and to build cabins for on-site overnights. “We are very excited about Zoo Director John Frawley’s vision. One of the great assets of the State of Minnesota is the land dedicated to the Zoo which has been an incredible steward of that state asset,” Jim says of the Zoo’s wooded 485 acres.

That being said, the Wells Fargo Family Farm will continue to be the Campbells’ favorite place to visit at the Zoo. Carmen has a special fondness for the Farm’s dairy barn and milking parlor, where a Jersey cow is named in her honor. “When we go there, it’s kind of like visiting family,” she jokes. Clearly, the influence of her rural upbringing in Byron remains with Carmen to this day.

We thank Carmen and Jim for their commitment to the Minnesota Zoo and for sharing Minnesota’s farming heritage with all of us at the Wells Fargo Family Farm.


Alkire Family Foundation
Sharon and Chester Ellingson III
K.A.H.R. Foundation

$50,000 - $99,999
Carmen and Jim Campbell - Campbell Foundation
Kenneth and Linda Cutler
Chad and Maggie Dayton
Peter Maritz and Charlene Jundt

$25,000 - $49,999
Edward and Sherry Ann Dayton
Peter Maritz Donor Advised Fund of the Women's Foundation

$10,000 - $24,999
Beth Bono
Al and Toni Cady
Dr. Ivy Hill Celender
Darrell and Lynne Christensen
Charles H. Clay Family CLAT Trust
Sandra P. S. Cockerham
Ellie Crosby - Longview Foundation
The Paul and Suzanne Hanifl Foundation
Joyce Huff
Kelly Family Fund
Julie Kunkel and Tom Hall
Mark and Dawn Larsen - Larsen Fund
Phyllis M. Maritz
Tim Mulcahy
The S. Bartley Osborn Family Charitable Trust
Mike and Kori Parish
Bob and Celeste Rekieta
Jeannine Rivet and Warren Herreid
David Schmidt and Sara Klasky
Dick Vogel and Pat Slaber

$5,000 - $9,999
Cynthia Arnold and Peter Stahl
Mathew Beaulieu
Will and Judy Branning
David and Katherine Crosby
John and Suzanne Gappa
John and Jean Geisler
GPS Family Foundation
Blake and Lori Grams
James, Laurie, and Kate Hayes
Chuck and Jill Koosmann
Ross Kramer
Steven C. Leuthold Family Foundation
Dana Lindsay and Tim Pabst
Lori Marco and Bruce Quitmeyer
Matrix Foundation
Jim Mayer and Rochelle Gunn
Tom and Sue McCarthy
Mark and Katie Mortenson
Katherine B. Murphy
Phil and Cassy Ordway - Nushka Fund
Paul and Molly Reppenhagen
Becki Sanford
Jim and Jan Zicarelli - The Zicarelli Foundation

$2,500 - $4,999
Judee Arnstein and Michael Lindsay
Kari and Cody Blotske
Robert and Sandra Burch
Buscher Foundation
David and Margaret Cochrane
Rebecca Crooks-Stratton and Daniel Stratton
Phil and Donna Dobrzynski
Mary C. Dolan - Longview Foundation
Steve and Spencer Eddy
Lee C. Ehmke
Alan and Lollie Eidsness
Kittie Fahey
Dave Frazier
Ryan and Ann Gage
Eric and Tammy Galler
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Michael and Patricia Hatch
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Franz and Kersten Jevne
Ray and Sue Johnson
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Eric and Katherine Kirchner
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Edward and Pat Kuklock
Dave and Sandy Kvamme
Todd and Jenny Laddusaw
Melissa and Lynn Lindsay
Marvin/Kirchner Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Dick and Joyce H. McFarland Family Fund
Dorian McMahon
Judy McNamara
Mary Ann McNeil and David Higgins
Laurie and Robert McNeill
Mary McVay
Mary H. and J. Milo Meland Family Fund
Robert and Lucy Mitchell - Longview Foundation
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Daniel and Victoria Neff
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Rebecca and Guy Stinson
Todd and Dee Anne Watchmaker
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White Pine Fund
C. Angus and Margaret Wurtele
Aurora Young and Jon Stenseth

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The Alces Trust
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Max and Kimberly Alschlager
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Melanie and Mark Baumhover
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Andrew and Audrey Benjamin
Michael and Abigail Blum - The Rum Fund
Laura and Brett Bordelon
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Anonymous (6)
Emin and Britny Aklik
Nancy and Bill Althoff
Kenneth and Michele Alwin
Jeffrey and Heather Anderson
Argall Hibbs Foundation
James and Debra Arneson
Sandeep Bahadur and Shruti Joshi
Susan Bailey
Baillon Family Foundation, Inc.
Shari Ballard
William and Zak Ballard
Anna and Jon Barsness
Tom Beatch
Pamela Bennett
Lowell and Walda Borgen
Ann Bottorff
Mary S. Bowman
Steve and Gail Brand
Tracey and Jeff Breazeale
Charlene Briner
Sharra and Erik Brockman
Jessica and Tyesha Brown
Stuart and Lynn Brown
The Vanessa Brown-McGuire Family Charitable Fund
John and Christine Buboltz
Carrie and Brian Buhl
Jan Burry and Richard Garcia
Ellen Butler and Greg Hegdal
Ronald and Martha Caldwell
Capen Family Fund
CDF Foundation
Cecil and Penny Chally
Nicole Christopher and Michael Stevens
Cathleen and Roger Clauson
James W. Clifford and Terri D. Barreiro
Burton and Audrey Cohen
Michelle and Michael Colbert
John and Kathryn Colwell
Elisabeth Comeaux and Dan Dressen
Shelly and Erin Conley
Constance Crane and Douglas Rausch
Kathleen Cripps
Nancy Cuno-Schmitz and Jeffery Schmitz
Jeffrey and Joanne Davidson
Perris and Patrick Deppa
Jackie DesMarais-Finke and Dusty Finke
Jan Dickinson and Scott Veatch
John and Sandra Dimond
Patricia and Douglas Dirks
Norm Domholt and Teresa Kain
Kathy Drazen and Oliver Pittenger
Elizabeth S. Driscoll
Susan and Wallace Droegemueller
Marian and Leon Eichten
Ekstrand Family Donor Advised Fund
Lorraine Eliason
William and Jayne Emory
Adrienne English Scrimshaw and Joshua Scrimshaw
Jessica and Adam Erickson
David and Elizabeth Finch
Jody Forsman
Heidi and John Franceschelli
Travis and Cortney Franklin
Robert and Gretchen Freeman
Jenna and Susan Galazen
Karen Garvin and Jan Brundige
Rosemary Goff and Robert Toborg
Goldstein Gift Fund
Stuart Goldstein and Jolene Smith
Alan and Ginny Grant
Bill and Heather Gray
Matt Grimes and Lisa Irvin
Patrick Gruber and Angela Teats
Amy and Julie Gudmestad
James and Nancy Guerino
Jennifer and Steven Gullickson
Richard and Susan Hadley
Sharon and Robert Halva
Rachel and Tom Hamlin
Sherry and George Hammond
Wesley and Denise Hanna
Jack Hansen and Joan LeGare-Hansen
Tara Harris and Kevin Potts
Sally Hart and Robert van Tyn
Janice and Allan Hartsough
Jennifer and Eric Hathaway
Scott Hawkinson
Hawn Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Tony Hayden and Monica Nusser
Joy and Jim Hayenga
Joel and Deb Hendrickson
Nicole and Shannon Henry
Karen and John Hick
Stanley and Jane Hooper
Elizabeth Horst
Ronald Howard and Anne McDonald Howard
Eric Hunt and Colleen Rivard Hunt
Karen and David Huse
Paul Jaeb
Warren and Barbara Jeffers
Lisa Johnson and Michael Armstrong
Thad and Suzanne Johnson
Phyllis Kahn
Andrew and Virginia Kass
Brad and Linda Kennedy
Christopher and Michele Kennedy
Patricia G. Kielb
Angie King
Claudia and James Kinville
Catherine and Brad Kline
Philip Kortz
Danielle and Demetrios Kouzoukas
Nathan and Elizabeth Kro
Valerian and Carolyn Kuechle
Larry Larson
Glenn and Laura Leonberger
Stephen Lillyblad
Deb and Tom Lindsay
MaryAnn and Drew Lippay
Jennifer and Jeffrey Little
Amy Lueders
Christina Lui and Karl Hill
H. William Lurton Foundation
Cynthia and Niall MacLeod
Jessica Madole and Mark Spickelmier
Kenneth Madole*
Valerie and Zachary Magnuson
Renee and Jacqueline Main
Stephen and Cassandra Makousky
Marnie and Jordan Marmet
Joseph and Nadia Martyn
Rodney Massey and Sharon Meyer
Jeff and Colleen May
Christy and Patrick McCain
Lori and Doug McDougal
Kimberly and Tom McReavy
Kristi and Dale Mensch
Becky and Chris Moody
James and Elizabeth Moore
Michael and Lisa Moore
Patrick and Kristina Moore
Linda Moser
John and Charlene Mueller
Karen and Michael Mullery
Mary Murphy Kruse and Rod Kruse
Margaret and William Napier
Kimberly and Matthew Naruko-Stewart
Jennifer and Robert Neuman
Richard and Joan Newmark
Catherine and Ford Nicholson
Wallace and JoAnn Niklaus
David and Billie Novy
Cory and Nate Ober
Timothy O'Connor and Charlene Goeman
Clifford Otten - The Cliff Foundation
Heidi and Dan Paltzer
Hannah Paulson
Tim and Mary Pawlenty
Joseph and Dardra Pawlikowski
Katharine and Michael Pelican
Joshua and Allison Peterson
Lori A. Peterson
Ruth Petran and Roger Olsen
Buzz and Carolyn Pierce Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
Deb Placek-Peterson and Gregg Peterson
Joseph and Sara Pohlad
Michele and John Potts
Sarah and Doug Psick
Katie and Kevan Pugh
Richard and Lois Quinn
Roberta Reilly
Heather Rein and Patrick Hynes
Shannon Rhatigan and Christopher Olsen
Mardell Ringling
Timothy and Carol Risdal
Suzy and David Robertson
Meghan and Jeff Rodgers
Brandi and Greg Rogers
Catherine and Kyle Roggenbuck
Scott and Lisa Rollin
Jeff and Kathy Rulland
Jennifer and Edwin Ryan
Cyndi S, John H, and Audra M
Paul and Patricia Sackett
Craig and Becky Sandbulte
Georgie and Jim Saumweber
Bill and Darlene Schneider
Matthew and Katie Schrack
Kyle Shand
George and Denise Shouse
Michele and Tom Smith
Stephen Spencer and Stephanie Sommer
Dan St. Onge and Heidi Heinz
Doug and Susan Stang
George and Linda Steiner
Natalie Stephens
Stephanie Stevens
Nancy and Denis Stoddard
Alice Suchomel Olson and Matthew Olson
Heidi and Jacob Sundquist
Michael and Nina Sweeney
Philip Swenson and Roxanne Krause
Brenda and Mark Teats
Velma Teichroew
Jennifer and David Thompson
Lowell Thornber
Kimberly Timm
Cesare and Olivia Tise
Daniel and Alyssa Tolbert
Doyle and Dana Trankel
Joseph and Karen Vandermark
Kris and Chris Venning
David Vogt
Barbara and James Willis
Kevin and Kelly Willis
Lani Willis and Joel Spoonheim
Wendy Willson Legge and Gordon Legge
Genevieve Willson
Arno Wuenschmann
William and Wendy Wustenberg
Walter and Carol Yee
Marlene Ytterboe

$250 - $499
Anonymous (9)
Thomas and Camila Abraham
Sue and Tom Abrahamson
Deanne and Steven Adams
Kathy Adams
Peggy and Paul Adelmann
Andrey and Diana Afanasyer
Jennifer and Jeff Agan
Jose Aguirre and Jaqueline Reyes
Sara and Ranjit Ahluwalia
Michelle and Jeff Albeck
Bruce and Anna Allen
Sharon Allen
Brooke and Dominic Allocco
Sumanth and Jen Ambur
Artemus and Lori Anderkay
Katherine Anders and Andrew Will-Holmberg
Irene and Jeff Andersen
Heather Anderson and Ryan Schroeder
Judy Anderson
Kirsten and Chris Anderson
Mary and Harlan Anderson
Melissa and Jason Anderson
Peter Anderson and Ginny Marvin
Quentin and Mary Anderson
Teril and Erik Anderson
Michael Andresen and Katherine Moerke
Sheri and Allan Angen
Jason and Cali Arndt
Mary Arneson and Dale Hammerschmidt
Robert and Linda Arnold
Beverly and Richard Arten
Gail Astleford and Elizabeth Schlee
Jane and Elizabeth Astleford
Bruce and Kelli Avenson
David and Kathleen Axtell
Mari Aylin
Mary and Lyle Babcock
Ron and Kay Bach
Marilyn and Richard Bach
Mary and John Bachhuber
Lindsay Bacigalupo and Jon Ewert
Jennifer and Andrew Baese
Mike and Niki Bahl
James and Shauna Bainbridge
Eric Black and Lauren Baker
Jeffrey and Susan Bakken
Alison Balan
Kelly and Frederick Barlage
Kathryn and Zach Barlow
Katie Barrett Kramer and Matt Kramer
Marissa and Andre Barte
Jeremy and Katie Bartelt
Tina and Adam Barylak
Nicholas and Karen Basil
Michael and Janet Bates
Debra and Scott Battenfeld
Roger Battreall and Jayne Funk
Peter Beacom and Stephanie Linde
Dennis and Susan Bechly
Aaron and Maggie Becklin
David Beckman
Michael Beller and Joanne Gaudette
Michael and Kelly Belsky
Anna Belu and Bruce Lemmons
Judith Belzer and Jeremy Waldman Fund
LeRoy and Sheryl Bendickson
Diana and Pat Bensen
Vern and Anne Benson
Henry and Diane Benz
Phyllis Berg and Harry Burke
Kenneth and Sandra Berger
Colleen and Marlene Bertino
Lindsay and Scott Beuning
David and Jacqueline Beyer
Elisa and Derek Bickle
Chad and Tiffany Bieniek
Christina and Mark Bigelow
Rebecca and Robert Binder
Steven and Debra Binder
Vernon and Sandra Binger
Angela and Roger Birnbaum
Michelle H. Biros
Brian H. Bix
Pamela and Carl Bjerke
Laura and Daniel Black
Lauren and Joshua Black
William Blackburn
Timothy Blackstone and Jolynn Choy
Russell and Suzanne Bockstedt
Nancy and Tom Boettcher
Rachel and Kyle Bohman
Susan and Paul Bohnsack
Christopher Bolin and Jonathon Dixon
Daniel and Barbara Bonsteel
Carolyn and Thomas Borgen
Sarah and Peter Borgen
Dawn and Tim Borgstahl
Wolfgang and Linda Boss
Robin Bosshart and JoDell Bendickson
Carol V. Bossman
Marie Bouley and Alan Ciesielczyk
Roger and Diane Brack
Henry Braddock and Debra Rectenwald
Elaine Brahms
Trista and Samuel Brauer
Michael and Julie Braun
Tim and Claudia Braun
Sarah Breckner
Emily and Michael Breen
Charles and Alice Bresnahan
Katelyn and Peter Brewer
Jeffrey and Kelly Brigham
Linda Briles
John and Joan Brooks
Julie and Daniel Brooks
Helen Brosnahan Zauha and Michael Zauha
Brian Brown and Liz Gerlach
Donald and Shannon Brown
Heidi Brown and Andrew Brobston
MaryAnn and William Brown
Nancy and Gary Brown
Ms. Sonja Brown
Diane and Kristin Bruder
Kathy Brummond
Blake and Laura Bryan
Kerry Bundy and Joe Schwartzbauer
Bridget and Jeffrey Burk
Lisa and Timothy Burke
Jennifer and Ross Burnham
John and Elisabeth Burrow
Stacy Burrows and Jayde Mord
Michael and Sharon Burstein
Sean and April Burton
Donna and Jerry Buseman
Sherrie and Thomas Busse
John Butler and Sara Rottunda
Courtenay and Jason Bydash
Nicholas and Rhianna Canada
Patrick and Kelcia Cannon
Joan and W. Hane Carlson
Molly and Matt Carlson
Susan Carlson
Thomas and Marilyn Carman
Laura and Pete Carpenter
Eric and Abbie Carr
Jennifer and Aaron Carrell
Bridget Carruth
Tess and Tim Caskey
Jeremy and Kate Casper
Michelle Cerame and Abigail Stone
Heidi Chen and Thomas Knickelbine
Cathy and Dave Cheney
Kyle and Brittany Chester
Jon and Sherri Chiglo
Nancy and Thomas Chrisfield
Georgette and Charlotte Christensen
Lisa and Kyle Christensen
Luke Christensen
Natalie and Ryan Christensen
Howard and Sheri Christenson
Gary and Gretchen Christianson
Patricia and LeRoy Christofferson
Chris and Caroline Church
Christopher and Katharine Clark
Leonard and Susanne Clark
Anne and Bradley Clarkin
Chris Claude
Marshall and Andrea Clennon
Caroline Cochran and Tim Christopherson
Karen and Tamzen Cohen
Stacia Cohen and John Pohl
Warren and Susanne Cohen
Erik and Rebekah Coleman
Shirley Comeaux
Sheri White Commers and Paul Commers
Debra and Charles Connelly
Sonja and Scott Conrath
Diane Cook and Sarah Swetalla
Rex and Scott Cooper
Joshua Cooper-Kuhn
Pat Corbett and Duane Cartier
James and Barbara Corcoran
Jennifer and Matthew Cords
Charles and Nancy Cornwell
Angela Cortese
Marci and Alan Cosentino
Karen and Bruce Cotton
Richard and Dannielle Coursolle
Kenneth and Gwen Crabb
James and Roberta Craig
Jim and Julia Crist
Robert Crone and Mary Cameron-Crone
Stewart and Lesley Crosby
John and Eva Cross
Nancy and Timothy Crothers
Becca Cuda and Patrick Gadient
Margarita and Deniz Cultu
Paul & Patricia Curran Foundation
James and Meghan Currens
Paul and Kathleen Czerniak
David and Laurie Dahl
Joanne and David Dalby
Jessie and Sean Daley
Cecilia M. Dammeyer
Veronica and Michael Dammeyer
Jessica and Matthew D'Antonio
Allison and Betty Darnell
Matt and Alyssa Daugs
Pamela and Edward D'Avignon
Bruce and Mary Davis
Ellis R. Davis
Meaghan and Brian Decker
Vicky and Steven Deering
Charles and Loral Delaney
Robin DeLong
Sylvia DeLong-Onak and Morgan Onak
John DeMarre
Pamela and Eric DeMaster
Michelle DeMers and Kelly Nyblom
Ken and Sarabeth deNeui
Charles M. Denny, Jr. and Carol E. Denny Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
Michael Dercks and Patty Wallway
Mary and Jason Detherow
Sean and Brenda Devlin
Steven and Linda Dias
Monica and James Dillenburg
Patrick Dillon and DeAnne Dulas
Cara and Brian Dimitroff
Bob and Linda Ditmore
Robert and Sharon Doane
Courtney and Brandon Dobbertin
Edward and Sandra Doberstein
Beth and Craig Doeden
Mary and Kristian Dolan
Kendra Donkers and Bryon Thompson
John and Alex Doty
Katy Downs and Blake Christenson
Helen and Kenneth Drangstveit
Jennifer and Brian Dressler
Joy and Dave Drummond
Vera and Ross Ducept
Carol Ducharme
Evelyn and David Duchene
Melissa and Erik Dumonceaux
Gregg and Betsy (Lee) Duncan
James and Linda Duncan
Kevin and Carrie Duncan
JoAnn L. Durham
Mark Edmonds and Cora Peterson
Kathryn and Paul Ehlen
Alissa and Myron Ehrich
Robin and Pam Ehrlich
Laura and Paul Eich
Edmund and Maureen Eichhorn
Kari and Brian Eickhoff
Behrnt and Sharon Eid
Melissa and Aaron Eilers
Peter Eisenberg and Mary Cajacob
Kate and John Elasky
Justin and Traci Elder
Laura and Shane Ellenburg
Mary Elleraas
Tammy and Bill Ellison
Kelly and Bradley Elvestad
Heidi and Dean Emanuel
Laura and Robert Emerson
Christopher and Jessica Enge
Misty Engler Daleiden and Mike Daleiden
Jennifer and Todd Englund
Jessica and Michael Epp
Kenneth Epstein
Sally Ericksen
Edee and Hartley Erickson
Shannon Erickson
Marit and Justin Ernesti
Eric Estabrook and Lori Wiita
Shawna and Christopher Evans
Daniel and Amy Farsht
Don and J Fasching
Michael Fasching
Cynthia Fashant Collins and Michael Collins
William and Sandra Faust
Alexandra and Travis Feller
Alan Fey
Benjamin and Rebecca Field
Amy and Andrew Fields
Rusty and Jeanne Fifield
Ryan and Amber Filip
Virginia and Earl Finlayson
Adam and Jessica Fitzpatrick
Tom and Elizabeth Flavin
Jane and Robert Fleischhacker
Brian and Erin Fletcher
Elizabeth and Justin Fletcher
Joslynn and Bryan Flicek
Donna and Paul Floyd
Matthew and Christan Ford
Elizabeth and David Foster
Cheryl Fox and Jay Miller
Christina Francisco and Kenny Cutler
Judy Frandson and Michael Bonine
Joan and John Frank
Lori Frank
Jonathan Franke
Sheryl and Jay Fredericks
Patricia Freeburg
Colleen and Kurt Freiberg
Evan and Tarell Friedley
Joel Friedman
Stefan and Ruth Friedrichsdorf
Mark and Patti Friske
Hollis Fritts and Nancy Kallio
Erika Fronk
Angie and Paul Frykman
Craig and Susan Fulford
Evan and Alison Fust
Christine and Edward Gage
Michael R. Gallagher
Christine and Rodney Garbe
Brooklyn Gardner
Meghan and Benjamin Gardner
John Gargano and Kristina Black
Maureen Garrett and Adam Tollefson
Richard and Mary Gaskins
Andrea Gates
Kristine and Joseph Gaustad
James and Joyce Gay
Justin and Amber Gehring
Jeffrey Geier and Catherine Brown
Michael Gietl and Tessa Lundgren
Alayne and Reed Gilbert
Charles Gilbertson
Robyn and Randy Gilbertson
Christine and Jessica Gillies
Marcia Glick and Erik Lindberg
Diane and Samuel Godfrey
Dale and Ellen Goettsch
Emily Gollaher
Stephen and Candace Gouze
Madeline Gragg and Zafar Khan
Nancy and Gary Grammens
Darlene and Vance Grannis
Susan and Robert Grant
Amy and Stephen Graves
Lance Green and Jessica Brandenburg
Heidi and Seth Greenwaldt
Nathan and Melissa Griffin
Bethany and Chad Griffith
Suzanne and Kendall Griffith
Keralyn and Mark Groff
Curtis and Johanna Groth
Elizabeth and Nathan Grzybek
Jessica and Derek Gunderson
Rick and Joyce Gwizdala
Matt Haar and Erin VanBurkleo
Kate and Paul Habegger
Joanne Haeberlin
Mark and Cynthia Haertzen
Katherine and Cassidy Hall
Glenn S. Haller, M.D.
Pat and John Halloran
Lisa Hankins
Anders and Andrea Hansen
Brandon and Elizabeth Hansen
Dennis and Kathy Hanson
Nathan and Rachel Hanson
Richard and Sharon Hanson
Valorie and Jerry Harlow
Steven Harmer
Kelly Harris
Joseph and Ashley Hasling
Shari and Kerry Haugrud
Jennifer and Anthony Hay
Charles and Andrea Hays
Abby and Ashley Head
Ryan Head and Julie Carlson
Greg and Barb Hedlund
Jeff and Lucy Heegaard
Barbara and David Hegewald
Darrell and Judy Heglund
Amanda Hegneberg
Katrina and Harold Heinze
Laurel and Thomas Hendrickson
LeeAnn Hendrickson
Peter and Georgene Herlofsky
Kathryn and James Herman
Thomas and Beth Herring
Sue and Mike Hesse
James and Susan Hetland
Robert Hicks
Jeff and Diane Higgins
Sean Higgins and Sarah Winge
Megan and Garrett Hilk
William Hilliard
Randall and Teresa Hillson
Stacy and Thomas Hintz
Dick Hjelseth and Sarah Schumacher
Kara and Patrick Hobart
Donald and Carole Hoeft
Adam Hoenshell and Maddie Quinn
Martha and Cory Hoeppner
Nancy and Gregory Hoffmann
Becky Hoksch
Leslie Holman and John Holt
Morgan and Susan Holt
Kevin Holzer and Mary Homan
Joseph Homme and Jamie Fischbach
Joan and Paul Hoover
Mark Hope and Nichole Lattanzio
Beatrice Horne
Janel and Jeff Horner
Susan Horovitz
Jane Hotzler
Lisa and Matthew Hoy
Hoyt Hsiao and Zhen Zhen Luo
Ellen and Anna Huang
Hu Huang
Dean and Julie Hughes
Mary and L. Max Hurlocker
David Hurrell
Donna and John Husemoller
Robert and Jennifer Hussey
Tige Hutcheson
Bruce and Terry Hutchins
John and Andrea Hutchinson
Jill and Greg Idrizow
Deanna Iesh
David and Kathleen Ingraham
Rex and Monica Ingram
Amy Irvin and Peter McCloud
Alyssa and Sachin Isaacs
Kathryn Jackels and Dan Dokkebakken
Raymond and Judy Jackson
Sandra and Fred Jacobs
Marissa and Jeremiah Jacobson
Dawn Janes-Bartley and Ashley Haus
Julie and Michael Jansen
Zoey Jantsan and Charles Saballa
Amanda Jarvis and Jeremy Neuhaus
Casey and Kyle Jenness
Ralph Jenson and Catherine Wolfe-Jenson
Bradley and Amanda Jewell
Mark and Sandra Jezierski
Erik and Jennifer Johnson
Jessica and Aaron Johnson
Jim and Nancy Johnson
Kathleen and Christopher Johnson
Renee and Jeff Johnson
Sarah and Dave Johnson
Scott and Carrie Johnson
Sean and Rebecca Johnson
Heather Johnston and Jason Koch
Darlette Jorgenson
David and Meghan Julson
David and Sheila Juran
Judith and Arthur Jytyla
Daniel and Lori Kadrlik
Ronald and Jane Kalin
Joy and Tatsushi Kamano
Tamara and Kevin Kampfe
Elizabeth Kane and Nick Klebs
Stuart Kane
Elaine Kaney
Laura and Matt Kantrud
Debra Karger
Peter and Marion Karhatsu
Erin and Jared Kary
Jan Kaška
Jessie Kaye
Karmela and Michael Kearney
Ashley and Adam Keck
Cheri Kedrowski and Victor Barocas
Maggie Keeler and Jon Adlum
Maria and John Kehoe
Cisa Keller
Bruce and Irma Kelley
Julia Kelley and Charles Sharratt
Hardy Kemp
Will and Linda Kenny
Heather and Andrew Kerchner
Scott and Melinda Key
Sunghoon and Melissa Kim
Heidi and Jason Kimmel
Elizabeth and Steven Kincaid
Justin King
Kimberly King and David Kudzia
Paul and Shawn Kinney
Elizabeth and Aaron Kirchner
Bradley and Berkis Kirscher
Patricia and James Kirshbaum
Janice Kispert and John Vick
Carlton Kittleson
Melissa and Jason Kleinhuizen
Brian Kleinke and Erin Winchell
Eileen and Steven Klemm
Cindy Klettke
Pamela Klossner and Alison Miller
Anne and Warren Knapp
Barbara and Steve Knapp
Becky and Jerry Knickerbocker
John Knoedler and Maureen Kane
Joseph and Nancy Knollenberg
Nicole and Joshua Knutson
Clare and Charles Koch
Agnes and Bryan Koehn
Mary L. Kolderie
Ted and Marjorie Kolderie
David Korus
Monica and William Koughan
Tony and Beverly Krall
Paul and Diane Kresge
Dan Kroyer
Earl and Heather Krueger
Quinton and Jennifer Krueger
Curtis Kruger
Derek and Leslie Kuehn
William and Diane Kuhlmann
Karyn Kujawa and Peg Zurfluh
Jarmo and Michelle Kumpula
Susan and Don Kunelius
David and Wendy Kunz
Gregory and Lisa Kupp
Rebecca and Anil Kurup
Shelley Kurzeka-Jung and Tom Jung
Tom and Kim Kusilek
Tiffany and Chad LaBahn
Jonathan C. Lacey
Miles Lahr
Ryan and Gretchen Lake
Gaetan and Cheryl Lambiase
Tonu and Virginia Lang
Eileen and Gerard Langeslag
Mary and Brian LaPlant
Ms. Susan M. Larkin
Anne Larsen Simonson
Chris Larsen
Karen Larsen
Anne and Anver Larson
Elizabeth Larson and Tim Gustafson
Pamela and Brian Larson
Sabrina Lau and Mark Staba
Kelly and Sarah Lauwagie
Adam Lawrence and Lindsey Brezina
Brenda and Peter Lawrence
Donald and Joann Leavenworth
Deanne and Kevin Lee
Joshua and Annetta Lee
Linda and Curtis Lee
Nancy and Kelly Lee
Todd and Jennifer Lee
Nancy Leitch and Paul Amundson
Michael and Cindy Lejeune
Joshua and Marie Lemon
Vanda A. Lennon
Nicole Letawsky Shultz and Joseph Shultz
Bruce and Mary Kay Lick
Laurie and Joseph Lin
Katie and Steve Lind
Ruth Lindeman and Molly Feterl
Ashley and Aaron Lindholm
Greg and Sigrid Lindholm
Keith and Lynn Linné
James and Nancy Littrell
Henry and Ginny Llop
M. Rebecca Loader and Michael Ritchie
Nancy and Thomas Loesch
Rachel London-Nyhus and Sean Nyhus
William Long
Matthew and Jennifer Lorenz
Sarah and Brook Lorntson
Ann Lowry and John Overton
Mary and Michael Lyman
Cory and Alise Lyons
Andrew and Amy Maas
Lois M. Mack
W. Duncan & Nivin MacMillan Foundation
Wendy Madden and Jess Mingo
Tasslyn and Dan Magnusson
Joseph and Deborah Mahoney
David and Jenifer Malm
Margaret and Todd Mangelsen
Frederic Manning
Richard and Hanae Mansfield
Victoria and Chris Marcotte
Gregg Marg and Sue Steck
Larry Marik
Anne Marlotte
Esperanza Marquez and Nohemi Haben
Chandra and Lee Marshall
Mary and Jason Martin
Susan Martyn
Tom and JoAnn Mason
Tara Matthews Lafferty and Paul Lafferty
Rick and Jennifer Mattox
Natasha Matza
Dan and Gabby Matzdorff
Heather and Brian Mavencamp
Ann and Scott McCague
Robert and Virginia McCann
Matthew and Sandra McCarthy
Michael McCarthy and Joanne Opgenorth
Mike and Brenda McConnell
Bridget and John McCormick
Elisabeth and Hugh McCutcheon
Dena McDonald-Watschke and Dennis McDonald
Luke McGregor and Alyssa Goldberg
Monica and Matt McGuire
Paul McGuire
Warren and Brenda McGuire
Ruth and Iain McIntyre
Donald and Charmaine McKay
Diane McLaughlin
Joseph McManmon and Michael White
Heather McQueen
Grant and Ame McRandall
Sean and Emily Meggitt
Michael and Linda Merchant
Gregory and Linda Messetler
Britany and Teri Metz
Tim Metzger
Amanda and Alex Meyer
James and Judith Meyer
Lynne and Craig Meyer
Christine and Jason Michels
Miranda and Ryan Miest
Mark and Sara Migliori
Craig Miller and Meg Martin
Gary and Joyce Miller
Linda Miller
Mike and Robin Miller
Paula and Kirk Miller
Robert and Carrie Miller
Steven and Erin Milz
Elizabeth and Josh Mitchell
Raymond and Amy Mitchell
Susan and Peter Mitsch
Elizabeth and Josh Moe
Chris and Molly Moede
Daniel Moen and Diane Bastyr
Dale and Carol Molback
Carol and James Moller
Deborah and Michael Monasco
Kristine Monson-Jobe and Matthew Jobe
Miguel and Tonya Montesinos
Dawn Montez
Martin and Joyce Moody
Victoria Moonier
Christine and Thomas Moore
Inar and Susan Morics
Kelly Moritz and Chad Martin
Jeanette and John Morrison
Jon and Stacy Mrozek
Steven and Rachel Mudek
Vincent and Susan Muehe
Ken and Patty Mulcahy
Joanne and Brian Mullen
Neil and Maureen Mulrooney
Scott and Lonnie Mundt
Andrew and Melissa Munger
Jean Muntifering
Rani Murdoch Zappa and James Zappa
James Murphy and Janelle Carter
Carolyn Muska and Bridget Doak
David Muysson and Maria Ferrer
Patty and Dale Nachman
Patrice Nadeau and Stephen Trudeau
Peter Nagel
Bridget and Bennett Nason
Karen and Brandon Nathan
Mara and Montian Natrakul
Cheryl and John Neithercott
Dennis G. Nelson and Barbara A. Franta Family Fund
Diane M. Nelson
Edward and Beverly Nelson
Emma Nelson
Larissa Nelson and Jeanette Thomas
Vonnie Nelson
Christie and Win Neuger
Hallie and Jason Neuhaus
Kimberly and Corey Newby
Elizabeth and Guy Newcomb
Eric and Jennifer Newman
Michael and Debra Newman
Gregory and Suzanne Niemi
Melayna Nieuwsma
Ryan and Jessica Niroomand-Rad
Mark E. Niznik
Scott and Victoria Nordeen
Juli and Harlan Northey
Jesse Nowicki
Megan Nystrom and Anders Daniel
James and Sonja Odland
Betty and Bob Ohmann
Bethany and Kevin Olander
Kathleen Olona
Michael and Nancy O'Loughlin
Amy Olsen and Erik Davis
Denise Olsen and Michaela Ohman
Amy Olson
Clark and Marilyn Olson
Jillian and Jeremiah Olson
John and Heather Olufson
Peggy and Scott Oppenheimer
Rebekka Orham and Charles Fletcher
Amy Orr and Curtis Slepica
Dale and Linda Otteson
Matt Otto and Margaret Vogel-Otto
Ann and Richard Ouellette
Barb Overman and Katie Overman
Neil and Sarah Oxendale
Lynn and Kjersten Page
Theodore Page
Phillip and Robin Pagel
Paul and Ann Palmer
Roger and Donna Palmquist
Betty and Leonard Pankuch
Joel and Kimberly Pap
Christopher and Danielle Parish
E. Ronald Parish
Nichole Parker and Chris Chryssovergis
Gregg Parmentier
Anna and Eric Paulson
Katherine and Charles Paurus
James Payne
Christina and Patrick Pazderka
Kelly Pearson and Kaitlyn Wearn
Mark Pearson and Jill Pennie
Stephen and Cheryl Pearson
Nancy and Daniel Pedersen
Richard and Mary Ann Pedtke Charitable Foundation
Marcia and Phil Peelor
Brenda and Dan Peick
Dana and Jessica Penkivech
David and Shannon Persons
John Peters and Seth Piskura
Amy Petersen
Mona Peterson Rosow and Michael Rosow
David and Mary Peterson
Ronald Peterson
Susan Peterson and Courtney Becker
Wally Peterson
Doug and Tracey Petesch
MaryKay and Doug Pewowaruk
Lisa Phifer and Jared Jones
Andrew and Kristin Pimental
Diana Plante and Adam Yohn
Marcus and Alicia Ploeger
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John and Michele Potts Family Fund
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The Alfred E. and Margaret I. Syring Fund
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Anonymous (5)
Dennis P. Albrecht
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Dr. Ivy Hill Celender
Leona M. Clark Estate
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Arline B. Dimond Trust
Estate of Lora M. Dittbenner
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Peterson Sisters Charitable Trust
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Laurie Pumper
The Estate of Dr. R. H. Reimer
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Mendon F. Schutt Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
The Living Trust of Sue Schwartz
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Alfred E. and Margaret I. Syring*
Mark S. and Brenda J. Teats
Estate of Margaret M. Theisen
Christopher and Jeralyn Thelen
John E. Tilton Trust
Maude A. Trask Fund
Hugh A. Tyndall
Caroline Vernon and Bruce Holcomb
Jeanette L. Wall*
Donald Weesner Charitable Trust
Karel M. Weigel
Estate of George Weiss
Joseph and Pat Yenkosky
Steven J. Zellmer Estate


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Houston Zoo
Wells Fargo/Wells Fargo Foundation – Minnesota

$50,000 - $99,999
Service Systems Associates
Think Mutual Bank
Wings Financial Credit Union

$25,000 - $49,999
Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation
Cub Foods/Cub Cares Community Foundation
Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Ecolab, Inc./Ecolab Foundation
Hormel Foods Corporation
Land O'Lakes Foundation
Nashville Zoo
The Taishoff Family Foundation
Donald Weesner Charitable Trust

$10,000 - $24,999
Ameriprise Financial, Inc.
Aveda Corporation
Caroline's Kids Foundation
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Dakota Electric Assn
Frontier Communications Inc. of Minnesota
Henry Doorly Zoo
Hy-Vee, Inc.
Medtronic Communities Foundation
Minnesota College Savings Plan
The Pentair Foundation
Popp Communications
Post Consumer Brands
Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation
Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community
U.S. Bancorp/U.S. Bank Foundation/US Bank Foundation Employee Gift
          Matching Gift Program
Union Pacific Foundation
Uponor, Inc.
The Valspar Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999
Blank Park Zoo
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation
The Cities 97 Sampler
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Connecticut Zoological Society
The Dellwood Foundation
Donaldson Company, Inc.
Dougherty Funding LLC
Fort Wayne Zoological Society
H.B. Fuller Company Foundation
Hubbard Broadcasting Foundation
Mayo Clinic
Messerli & Kramer, P.A.
Minneapolis Portfolio Management Group
Phoenix Zoo - Arizona Center for Nature Conservation
Potawatomi Zoological Society
Securian Foundation
Sedgwick County Zoological Society
Tiny Footprint Coffee
Tulsa Zoo
Virginia Zoo
Zoo Miami

$2,500 - $4,999
Best Buy Co., Inc.
Brandywine Zoo
BREC'S Baton Rouge Zoo
Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation
Chaffee Zoological Gardens of Fresno
Construction Cost Consultants
Dakota Zoo
Dorsey & Whitney LLP
Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.
General Mills Inc./General Mills Foundation
JB Hudson Jewelers
John Ball Zoo
Margaret Rivers Fund
Sit Investment Associates Foundation
Stinson Leonard Street LLP
Tennant Foundation
Terhuly Foundation Inc.
The Toro Company

$1,000 - $2,499
AFSCME Local 1929
Akron Zoo
ALLETE Clean Energy
Audubon Nature Institue
Buffalo Zoo Zoological Society
Cameron Park Zoo
Chuck & Don's Pet Food Outlet
Fair State Brewing Cooperative
Friends of the Alexandria Zoo Inc.
Goodrich Sensors and Integrated Systems
Hard Rock Cafe
Honolulu Zoo
Kansas City Zoo
Lee Richardson Zoo
Little Rock Zoo
Mesker Park Zoo
Milwaukee County Zoo
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Naples Zoo
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Oregon Zoo
Peoria Zoo
Sacramento Zoological Society
San Francisco Zoological Society
Community POWER / Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board
Solos Pizza Cafe
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Toronto Zoo
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Wendland Utz

Aegis Partners
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The Toro Company
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Gifts were made in honor of…

Matthias Baese
Julie Bak
Matt and Sara Berg
Rich & Charlotte Buratto
Alex Calvillo
Eleanor R. Crosby
Delilah Daniels
Larry Davidson
Calvin Dawson
Avery Dayton
Cameron Dressler
Debra Ebertz
Russ Fischer
Maia Garcia, a future zookeeper, on her 21st birthday
Mitchell Gordon
Fiona Gottesman and Ava Nelson
Alex, Aiden, and Adam Guse
Hailey, Lauren, Wyatt, Sully, & Sicard
Julia Holton
Devan & Em Johnson
Amber Kausel
Clare Kennedy
Archie and Charlie Kosior
Susan Kunach
Josh Le
Melissa Parker Lindsay
Minnesota Zoo Foundation Staff
Jeff Muntifering
David Olson
Helen Peterson
Remembering with love all my past & present pets
Happy Birthday to Darryn Records
Manuel Esperon Rodriguz
Ellie and Lance Siler
Rebecca and Guy Stinson
To my grandmother Edna Stone who accompanied me on my first Zoo walk in 1975 (?) (before the Zoo even opened!)
Nora Straquadine
Brenda Teats
Kylie and Autumn Roth
James Van Der Bark
The marriage of Emily Wacker and Mike Simmons
Diana Weinhardt's successful teaching of parenting skills to Sundari
Ken Weisenberger
In honor of Sophia Wyttenback's First Birthday!

Gifts were made in memory of…
Darrel Alkire
Thomas Allstopp
Verlon "Andy" Anderson, the smiling man in the overalls at the Zoo farm
Robert Barry
Milton Bauer
Sam Beattie
Candace E. Beaulieu
Noel Beneke
Ann Marie Benusa, 30 year employee at the Zoo
Elanor Branham
Robert Brennan
Our sweet daughter Vivienne Claire Burgess
Andrew and Shane Cadwell
Virginia Carlson
Robert Clarkson, Jr.
Raymond E. Dahl
Laura Fitzgerald
George. He was a good guy.
Anne Hatch
Eric Edwin Hayes
Duane Bernard Held
Scoutmaster Gary Holstad
Chris Hultgren
Danielle Mary Jelinek
In loving memory of former Minnesota Zoo volunteer and dear friend Eric Kilberg
Karen Kittel
Kari Ann Koskinen
Eli Michael Krisnik
Vicki Lansky
Gregory Scott Larson
Char Lempe
Bettie Luedeke
Cynthia Alice Lundheim, who loved zoos, wherever she traveled
Kenneth Madole
A beautiful and magnificent tiger gone too soon. Love you, Max.
Min Min & Milton
Marcia Mohn
Ozzy the Hamburglar
Nora the Sweet Hedgehog Girl
Pebbles & Maestro
Ruth M. Peterson
Brecken Kai Poppe
William David Romans
Rutger...our personal Carl
Phyllis Grace Schmidt and all the monkeys in the zoo
Rachael K. Schumacher
Philip Sheridan
Marvin Sinykin
Connie Sjolund
Sally Spaulding
James H. Streater
Rene Van der Haeghen
Jeanette Wall
Janet Wasylishin
Lt. Commander Donald C. White
Howard "Howie" Wold

Candace Beaulieu Memorial Endowment Fund
Bradley C. Boardman Memorial Endowment Fund
Matthew James Boenigk Memorial Endowment Fund
General Endowment Fund
Bernard and Fern Granum Exhibit Endowment Fund
Sheldon I. Greenberg Endowment Fund
Eric Edwin Hayes Memorial Endowment Fund
Jones Family Zoomobile Endowment Fund
Kay L. Kamps Endowment Fund
William David Romans Memorial Endowment Fund
Volunteer Endowment Fund

As a lifelong nature enthusiast, Melissa Parker Lindsay joined the Minnesota Zoo Foundation in 2006 with a goal to help transform the Minnesota Zoo into a conservation-based organization.

In March 2017, when Melissa announced her retirement from the Minnesota Zoo Foundation, it gave us a moment to pause and celebrate so many accomplishments. Under Melissa’s direction and with the help of donors and members like you, the Foundation raised more than $50 million to support the Zoo and its conservation efforts between 2006 - 2017! Melissa was instrumental in raising funds for Russia’s Grizzly Coast, the Conservation Carousel, the Medtronic Minnesota Trail, Hanifl Family Wild Woods, and Heart of the Zoo. Thank you for your commitment to wildlife, Melissa.

Melissa’s impact will be felt at the Zoo forever, and we wish her the best her retirement.

By the way, if you are looking for Melissa during the winter months, you will likely find her in the far southwest corner of Texas in a huge national park called Big Bend. Big Bend National Park is home to 450 species of birds, 75 mammals, 56 reptiles, and 11 amphibians. It is no wonder she finds this place to be her paradise!