Audrey Levi Passes 10,000-Hour Milestone

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Audrey Levi -1On Monday, November 11, 2013, Director of Volunteer Services Sheri White Commers presented Audrey Levi with her 10,000-hour pin (a silver moose) at a breakfast held in her honor. This was also Veteran’s Day—an appropriate choice, given Audrey’s service since 1990—longer than most military careers. As can be seen, the moose joins an already ample collection of pins (though truth be told, she has augmented her Zoo bling with some of her own 😉

Audrey is a Day Captain on both Mondays and Fridays; her breakfast was obviously well attended by Monday volunteers, but a large Friday contingent showed up as well, and all were treated to an excellent Lancer spread.Audrey Levi -2

At the MZG, Audrey is well known for her fondness of and solicitude for all the animals; she is an effective and proactive advocate for their welfare. Not content with just spending two days a week at the Zoo, she also volunteers several days a week at Furever Wild, a Lakeville sanctuary for innumerable wolves and other fur-bearing Minnesota animals.

Audrey harbors particular fondness for our companions of the porcine persuasion, proudly owning the email address of For many years she had access to a 10-acre hobby farm. There, she not only raised several potbelly pigs, she rescued a Wells Fargo Family Farm pig from conversion to bacon and pork chops; Sweetie Pig eventually grew to 900 pounds. Unfortunately, Audrey now occupies an apartment whose landlord forbids any animals more exotic than cats. Furever Wild recently acquired several pygmy pigs she is currently trying to teach to meow…

Congratulations, Audrey; good luck with those pigcats!

Audrey Levi -3