WHERE THEY LIVE: The Indonesian island of Sumatra
HOW MANY REMAIN: Approximately 500
MAJOR THREATS: Habitat loss, poaching of tigers and their prey
PROJECTS WE SUPPORT: Tiger-human conflict mitigation, Combating wildlife crime and illegal habitat loss

In the tropical forests of Sumatra, the smallest subspecies of tiger is losing ground to habitat loss and poaching. Considered “critically endangered,” Sumatran tigers may number only 300 in the wild. But it’s difficult to monitor these secretive animals and their prey in the dense forest. And when Sumatran tigers leave the forest to hunt wild pigs near villages, they often come into conflict with people, get caught in snares, and are more susceptible to poaching.

In Sumatra, our campaign is supporting the Wildlife Conservation Society’s efforts to reduce tiger-human conflict by constructing tiger-proof livestock pens in villages, increasing outreach and awareness, and responding with veterinary assistance to tigers caught in snares. Also, we are supporting efforts to combat tiger-related wildlife crime and illegal habitat loss.

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To find out more, download our campaign materials: DESCRIPTION OF SUMATRAN TIGER PROJECTS